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TWAMP - Two-Way Active Measurement

TWAMP Two-Way Active Measurement Measuring Performance in IP Networks

Download Lookout Eyes TWAMP Document
Download TWAMP Document 

What is TWAMP?

TWAMP is a flexible method for measuring round-trip IP performance among any two devices in a network.

    • It measures core and edge IP performance through cooperation between the routers and switches in the Network
    • TWAMP connects using TCP and uses UDP packets for testing
    • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
    • TWAMP defines two sets of protocols
    • Control Protocol
    • Enables endpoints to negotiate
    • Performance-measurement probes
    • Defines the packet format that is needed for measuring round-trip performance.
    • Uses active probe packets to measure two-way delay between two end-points in IP networks
    • Timestamps are applied for high accuracy
    • Typically does not requires that both end-points are time-synchronized
    • One-way delay measurements require sync.
    • Additional capabilities: packet loss ratio, continuity check, one-way and two-way packet delay variation


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